Kelly Saunders

Leadership Coach & Facilitator, Aamori Group
Interactive Workshop: Crafting a career development plan
Founding Directors, Michael and Kelly Saunders started the “Aamori” organisation back in 2011, originally as a Mine Engineering Consultancy and Site Services company (known as Aamori Mining Pty Ltd). 

Over time, the company evolved and included training consultancy services to the Vocational Education & Training (VET) industry.

In early 2016, Kelly traveled to Fiji to work on an AusAid sponsored project providing leadership, business development  and facilitation training, mentoring and coaching across the Pacific Islands for 18 months. During this time, Kelly worked with Pacific Island staff from a range of industries using experiential learning techniques and story telling blended with one on one, face to face facilitation and e-learning sessions to achieve exceptional leadership and professional growth.

While Kelly was in Fiji, Michael focused on mentoring and leadership development within the mining industry and implementing change within the public safety sector.

After 18 months based in Fiji followed by 6 months of travelling to Papua New Guinea from Perth home-base, Michael and Kelly knew it was time to switch gears with Aamori Mining and launch Aamori Group,  blending Michael’s international & national mine engineering, leadership, management, change management and planning expertise with Kelly’s large/small business, leadership and adult learning expertise and incorporate the tried and tested techniques developed in previous 2 years, to provide leadership and professional development…. done differently!

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