Conference Program

New Leaders Conference 2019 Program

Tuesday 1 October

TimePresentation TitleSpeaker
8:30 AM - 9:00 AMRegistration open and arrival networking
9:00 AM - 9:10 AMWelcome to Country Dr Richard Walley OAM
Noongar Elder
9:10 AM - 9:20 AMWelcome from the Conference Chair inc. Safety Briefing & Housekeeping Shuey Pal SAusIMM
Curtin University
9:20 AM - 9:30 AMOfficial Conference Opening Janine Herzig FAusIMM(CP)
SESSION 1: Personal growth for professional developmentSession Chair:
Shuey Pal SAusIMM
Curtin University
9:30 AM - 11:00 AMInteractive Workshop: Building the Emotional Intelligence Advantage
Emotional Intelligence is key to the success of any career, business and in fact our lives. Research shows that up to 85% of our success is due to skills in ‘Human Engineering’ in comparison to our technical skills. So, what exactly is EI and how do you go about developing your ‘Emotional Intelligence’?

Whilst emotional intelligence begins to develop at an early age, there is always more to learn as you encounter different situations, different people with different communication styles and an everchanging workplace.

Join us for this degustation workshop where we will tap into the subconscious mind and discuss all 5 key factors of EI, their benefits and the workings of the emotional brain.

Key Takeaways:
• Leveraging the subconscious mind to resolve the underlying problem.
• Identify the 5 key factors of EI, what they mean and how to develop the main qualities.
• The emotional brain and how it drives our reactions.
Amy Jacobson
Emotional Intelligence Specialist
Finding Your ‘y’
Delegate headshots being taken by the conference photographer
SESSION 2: Inclusive leadership and engagementSession Chair:
Jesse Jones AAusIMM
Improvement Specialist, Minerals Australia
11:30 AM - 11:55 AMHow one woman is leading the way
In setting up Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia (IWIMRA), Florence really wanted to establish a space where indigenous women in the mining and resources industry could come together and contribute to ideas, movements, workshops and events that they think will be effective in their community and their workplace. In this session, we will hear about the movement and the importance of coming together and supporting each other.
Florence Drummond
Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia
11:55 AM - 12:20 PMIncreasing collaboration and respect across generations
• Intergenerational projects that bring generations together
• Breaking down assumptions relating to age and ability
• Understanding the real challenges that older/younger employees face
Ken Brinsden MAusIMM
Managing Director and CEO
Pilbara Minerals
12:20 PM - 12:45 PMStrategies to drive gender equity in the workplace
• Delivering on the triple threat: policies, culture and leadership
• Accelerating change - targets, targets, targets!
• Creating clear progression pathways for women in the workplace
• Looking to the workforce of the future
Giulia Savio AAusIMM
Principal - Diversity & Inclusion
Newcrest Mining Limited
12:45 PM - 12:50 PMIntroduction to AusIMM Social and Environment (S&E) Society
The role of the AusIMM Social and Environment (S&E) Society is to encourage all AusIMM members to understand Social and Environment issues and implement best practice professional approaches through communication and collaboration with AusIMM branches, Services and professional groups.
Georgia Manning MAusIMM
Principal Environment Approvals - Nickel West
12:50 PM - 1:00 PMQ&A and Roundtable Discussion
Delegate headshots being taken by the conference photographer.
SESSION 3: Technology TrendsSession Chair:
Holly Bridgwater MAusIMM
Industry Lead, Crowdsourcing
Unearthed Solutions
1:45 PM - 2:10 PM Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to target orebodies
Discovering and drilling for the important minerals used for industry and the technology sector remains incredibly important as existing mines are becoming depleted. If the mining industry can’t become more efficient at finding these important deposits, then more unnecessary, harmful drilling and exploration takes place. Applying AI to this problem would seem like a no-brainer for the environment. Joining this field is Earth AI, a mineral targeting startup which is using AI to predict the location of new ore bodies far more cheaply, faster and with more precision than previous methods.
Roman Teslyuk
Founder and CEO
2:10 PM - 2:35 PM How robotics is changing the mining industry
Mining robots can vary from robots that assist in excavation, to robotic devices with camera systems that detect gases and other materials. Most importantly, mining robots can be used to keep humans out of harm's way. This is essential when scanning abandoned mines and other mining grounds that are not safe for people. This session will explore the developing technologies that will transform the productivity, sustainability and safety of the mining industry.
A/Prof Thierry Peynot
Associate Professor & Mining3 Chair in Mining Robotics, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
2:35 PM - 3:00 PMSpace Mining: What you need to know
It has been said that the world's first trillionaires will be the ones who make their fortune in mining in space! While the concept has been the stuff of science fiction for decades, it is only within the past few years that it has become treated as a serious possibility. And with multiple companies emerging for the express purpose of prospecting, exploration, and mining in space, it is clear that the idea is moving from the realm of science fiction into the world of science fact.
Conrad Pires
Co-founder & CEO, Picosat Systems & Advisory Council Member of the Space Industry Association of Australia
3:00 PM - 3:15 PMQ&A and Roundtable Discussion
Delegate headshots being taken by the conference photographer.
SESSION 4: How to stand out from the crowdSession Chair:
Eleisha Pitt AAusIMM
Graduate Geoscientist – Exploration, Growth & Innovation
Rio Tinto
3:45 PM - 4:05 PMHow to get a start in the mining industry & what to expect in the first few years
There are many jobs in the mining and resources sectors and they often entail unusual conditions or work in remote locations. This session will explore the challenges and opportunities so you can get a sense of what the life of a mining professional might actually look like when starting out in your career.
Jesse Jones AAusIMM
Improvement Specialist, Minerals Australia
4:05 PM - 4:25 PM Tips for New Grads/Professionals to stand out and show their value
In today’s highly competitive market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for fresh graduates to get hired for an ideal job right after graduation. Having a degree and doing good work is often not enough, even though the number of employers planning to screen and hire fresh graduates is increasing year after year. Whether by getting more involved, impressing employers with their skills and knowledge or simply by welcoming any career experience as a learning opportunity, there are several ways a fresh graduate can make a good impression. Here are some easy tips to help new grads stand out from the crowd.
Peter Bradford FAusIMM(CP)
Managing Director and CEO
Independence Group NL
4:25 PM - 4:45 PM Establishing support networks and mentors
• Practical tips to expand and enhance your network
• Maximise presence and exposure
• Strategically select a mentor who aligns with your needs
Bianca Starcevich
Founder + Director
Humanitas HR Solutions
4:45 PM - 4:55 PMIntroduction to AusIMM New Professionals Network (NPN)
The AusIMM New Professionals Network is run by a volunteer committee of professionals within the first six years of their career. Representation on the committee covers a mix of professions from across Australia and internationally.
Eren Gungor AAusIMM
Graduate Engineer - Electrical and Control Systems
Rio Tinto
4:55 PM - 5:25 PM LinkedIn: Building a winning profile
In a digital economy IF and HOW you are remembered is everything. However, the world is increasingly noisy and busy, and it is getting harder to stand out and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace. Establishing a meaningful network and gaining credibility without a track record of success can be a challenge. In this high-energy session you will learn how to improve your visibility online, creating a winning LinkedIn profile. Please download the LinkedIn app to your phone before attending, so that you are set to connect with people in the networking session that follows, as Karen also guides us in discovering who is in the room!
Karen Tisdell
LinkedIn Trainer
LinkedIn Profile Writer
5:25 PM - 5:30 PM Session Close from the Conference ChairShuey Pal SAusIMM
Curtin University
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM NETWORKING FUNCTIONSponsored by Evolution Mining

Wednesday 2 October

TitlePresentation TitleSpeaker
7:00 AM - 7:30 AM Registration open and arrival networking
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM AusIMM Members only Networking Breakfast sponsored by Evolution MiningBen Jones
Group Manager People and Culture
Evolution Mining
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Registration open and arrival networking
9:00 AM - 9:05 AM Welcome from the Conference Chair inc. Safety Briefing & Housekeeping Shuey Pal SAusIMM
Curtin University
9:05 AM - 9:15 AM Icebreaker activity
SESSION 5: Panel SessionPanel Chair:
Sarah Wheeler MAusIMM
Managing Director
FutureTech Group Pty Ltd
9:15 AM - 10:30 AM Panel Session: Where are they now?

The AusIMM Education Endowment Fund (EEF) provides funding to a variety of educational initiatives to attract and support those studying within the minerals industry.

The purposes of the fund include the following:
• fund research projects that may benefit the minerals industry
• provide scholarships bursaries and other awards to tertiary students
undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study or research in relation to minerals relevant disciplines or courses
• fund and provide lectures to persons involved in the minerals industry and students undertaking study in disciplines relating to the minerals industry
• provide funding to universities for the purposes of running classes, seminars and other activities designed to promote the awareness of and interest in the minerals industry amongst secondary school students
• provide funding to universities for the purpose of providing endowed professorships.

Now that many of the early recipients of the AusIMM EEF scholarships are experienced in their professions, we have invited a few of them back to speak on how winning the scholarship helped them achieve their goals in the industry.

Andrew Forsyth MAusIMM
Project Geologist: Exploration, GOLD FIELDS

Will Candish AAusIMM
Exploration Geologist, Ausgold Limited

Sophia Casanova AAusIMM
PhD Candidate, UNSW
SESSION 6: Strategic planning to take charge of your careerSession Chair:
Sam La Macchia SAusIMM
WA School of Mines
Curtin University
11:00 AM - 12:20 PM Interactive Workshop: Crafting a career development plan

1) Leverage your strengths
• Define your strengths
• Uncover your focus, confidence and purpose
• Anchor your work ethic around to your strengths
• Build value and influence
• Monitor how productivity is affected when working within strengths and out of strengths

2) Set personal goals
• Define your aspirations and goals
• Break down the goals into daily routines for growth
• Effective reward systems to encourage success

3) Take steps toward your goals
• Identify the differences between active and reactive processes
• Utilise the active voice in all forms of communication
• Overcome the trepidation of making a decision

4) Personal development plan tracker
• Put the skills and behaviours you want to implement back in your workplace into action
Kelly Saunders
Leadership Coach & Facilitator
Aamori Group
12:20 PM - 12:30 PM Conference Close from the Conference ChairShuey Pal SAusIMM
Curtin University
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