Conrad Pires

Co-founder & CEO, Picosat Systems
Space Mining: What you need to know

I’m an emerging-technology professional with experience in multiple industries. Childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut have evolved into a commercial vision for space. Following an international career and UWA MBA, I’ve co-founded Western Australia’s first space company building small satellites, Picosat Systems, taking advantage of advances in technology that have seen space become more commercialised in recent years.

I’m a strong advocate for space and Australia’s growing space economy. I’m a space consultant, advisory council member of the Space Industry Association of Australia and co-ordinator of Space Hub Perth, a group supported by CORE Innovation Hub aimed at growing the WA space economy. I’m a public speaker, speaking about all things space at conferences, schools, etc. and through my TEDxUWA talk. I’m a recipient of the 2017 Woodside Oil and Gas Encouragement Award at the WA Innovator of the Year Awards and winner of the 2016 Perth NASA Space Apps Challenge. I’m also a graduate of Curtin University, the International Space University and the AICD. I’m a NFP board member and sessional academic teacher of entrepreneur and innovation, design and governance.

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